eco apparel inspired by real adventures


Our clothing is created, manufactured and printed as sustainably, ethically and locally as possible.  100% Made in the USA to reduce our carbon footprint.


At Wild Movements we believe in producing goods that are as sustainable as possible and continually strive to do better.  We have sourced out clothing that is the very best for your body and the planet.  As a small company, it's not always easy but we hope that sustainability becomes standard practice for the clothing industry and for business as a whole.  

Throughout our line you'll see Blue Sign Certified material, recycled goods, environmentally friendly printing processes and in addition all of our items are sweat shop free.  Our leggings and organic cotton clothing is made to last because who wants to fill up a land fill with junky clothes anyway?  Slow fashion is wear it's at!

All of our goods at Wild Movements are made in the USA.  This does a couple of things: it helps to reduce the carbon footprint required to get our products from the manufacturer to our shop here in Washington State and it also allows us to drop in and make sure that our suppliers are living up to their promises.

While other larger companies that we look up to have larger budgets and are able to do surprise audits on their global manufacturers, we like to keep things closer to home so we can develop personal relationships with the people that create our clothing.  That way we know things are being done right and we know the hands that are touching our clothing before it gets to us are putting their heart and soul into it just like we are and they are being treated fairly.  Sweat shop free guaranteed with a bonus of quality job creation in our neck of the woods. 

It's easy for us to care about the planet when we live in such a beautiful area here in the Pacific Northwest but we also know there is beauty to be found everywhere.  Every square inch of this chunk of rock we are sharing deserves to be cared for, along with the creatures, people, air, and water contained within.  So join us in celebrating the movement of companies large and small that believe that we can move forward with smart business principles that honor sustainability.

This is what we call CLOTHING WITH A CONSCIOUS.