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Stehekin Stars

Frosty the Owl


Have you ever come face to face with an owl?  They aren’t afraid to look you in the eyes.  They sit there looking into your soul.  Have you ever come face to face with an owl covered in Frost?  You’ll shiver before the owl does. If you have the chance, ask that owl a question.  You will only hear silence, but I think you might just feel the answer.  And if by some chance, you come across a Great Horned Owl, maybe don’t ask a question.  Maybe just pay it respect and tell it you are honored to be in its amazing presence.  For if there ever were to naturally be royalty on this Earth, I am certain the Great Horned Owl would be one the elite.  I have been honored enough to encounter owls on more than a few memorable occasions.  Unexpectedly in the wilderness.  Every time they make me pause.  Stop me in my tracks.  I have yet to ask one a question, yet they have the silent, frosty ability to make me question myself.