eco apparel inspired by real adventures


Every pair of our leggings has a story behind it; a story of getting lost in the woods, of venturing into the unknown, of wandering along the beach with sand in our toes, of waiting for the sun to rise and most of all of spending time with those we care about the most.  These are the stories of our adventures.

Stehekin Travel Adventure

Stehekin is a place that time has forgotten, in the very best way.  There are no roads to Stehekin.  Visitors and residents arrive by the passenger ferry Lady of the Lake, by private boat, helicopter or by mountain trail including the world famous Pacific Crest Trail. 


Located at the end of Lake Chelan, which is over 50 miles long and over 1000 feet deep, Stehekin is one of the most remote locations in the lower 48.  As one resident said, "I moved here five years ago from Alaska and it's basically exactly the same".

We began our adventure to Stehekin by turning off our cell phones (there is no cell service), loading up all of our food (there are few provisions) and hopping aboard the Lady of the Lake for four days of saying goodbye to modern living.  HELL.  YES. 

There are about 85 year round residents that live here but the numbers swell a bit during the summer because this is the busy season as tourists such as ourselves come here to slow down and remember what life is really about. 

Our vacation was filled with hikes, a visit to a century old orchard, afternoon naps, skipping rocks into the racing Stehekin river, spotting wildlife including a baby doe and her mom and even a rattlesnake.  Wildflowers exploded and the air smelled sooooooo good. 

Once again, I was reminded of the life lesson I've learned over and over and over again: if someone asks you whether you want to travel and there is a way you can swing it, the answer should always be: yes.

Every pair of our eco leggings are made from a photo of our real adventures and we may have just snapped the perfect photo that will become a new pair of leggings, but we are keeping that shot under wraps (for now).  Stay tuned for that one and for our next adventure.  It's coming up very soon!