eco apparel inspired by real adventures


Every pair of our leggings has a story behind it; a story of getting lost in the woods, of venturing into the unknown, of wandering along the beach with sand in our toes, of waiting for the sun to rise and most of all of spending time with those we care about the most.  These are the stories of our adventures.


We are made of the stuff of stars.  Billions of tiny particles racing away at a cellular level bringing life to who we are.  Here on the West Coast we are not only born of the big bang but of fire as well.  Fire is the ultimate creator and destroyer of life in our natural environments.  Fire is the knife's edge that we live on.  When fires rage our world burns and smoke fills the air.

It's difficult to imagine fire being anything but destructive when you are watching your hillsides burn and your friends fleeing their homes in the name of safety.  Although our modern lives clash with forest fires our wild places have grown to live and even thrive from them.  Out of the ashes come morel mushrooms and wildflowers.  Our native salmon receives a boost of valuable nutrients and pinecones burst open to begin anew-sewing the beginnings of the next cycle of life. 

The previous two fire seasons here in North Central Washington have been the biggest in modern history for Washington State.   There is no escaping the smoke that fills the air at times but with that smoke brings beauty.  It was during one of these wild summers that we set out on an adventure in our vintage Willy's wagon and snapped the photo that would become our Wildfire leggings.


Layers of smoke, hills, mountains and trees come together as one.

Wild Movements