eco apparel inspired by real adventures


Every pair of our leggings has a story behind it; a story of getting lost in the woods, of venturing into the unknown, of wandering along the beach with sand in our toes, of waiting for the sun to rise and most of all of spending time with those we care about the most.  These are the stories of our adventures.

Dahlia Dreams and Cherry Blossoms

We live in a valley speckled with orchards, farms and flowers.  Our town is home to pear, cherry and apple orchards as well as vineyards. The upper Wenatchee valley is the #1 producer or organic pears in the world, so most likely if you grab an organic pear from the store, it is literally from our neck of the woods.

Spring is magical with flowers. The trees blossom and wild flowers cascade down foothills.  Personal gardens and small farms are inspired by the new warmth.  After a long snowy Winter, we are ready to get our hands dirty in the rich soil.  Cherry trees blossom, bugs stretch their wings and bees get to work.

Last spring we picked a wild apple tree to watch grow down by the river. A few times a week, we'd walk the kids down past the tree to see what stage it was at.  We watched its leaves pop out bringing life to bare branches.  We watched flowers dress it up beautifully.  We didn't pick them because we knew each of those flowers would turn into a delicious apple.  We watched them turn into tiny green decorations, then we watched the green balls grow and grow and grow.  Every time we visited they were a little bigger and a little more dusted with red.  When the apples were ripe for the picking, my son got to grab the first one and take the first bite.  


We are lucky to live in a place where we can watch things grow and reap what we sow. Lucky to be able to share that experience with our children and get them excited to be part of the entire process.  It takes patience and nurturing to grow things.  It's a valuable lesson for all but especially magical for children.  We all tend to eat healthier and be more excited about the adventure of garden and food.


Our Cherry Blossoms and Dahlia Dreams leggings carry that same magic and they are sprinkled with the very plants that are part of our little mountain lives.  The flowers and orchards we frolic in.  The places we grew up and now watch our kids grow and learn.  Wearing them magically makes you twirl in circles in the grass and find animals in the clouds.  

Wild Movements