Wild Movements Featured As One of the Top 10 Fitness Fashion Clothing Brands

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Wild Movements has been named one of the top 10 fitness fashion brands by Beauty and Well Being


"The sportswear niche is one that’s is tough to master, and with the growing trend of yoga and lifestyle activities, the competition between brands trying for quality and relevance is becoming more and more difficult."

Here at Wild Movements, being active is our life.  It's the air we breath and the dreams we dream in our sleep. 

Is active wear necessary?  Probably not.  A nice pair of yoga pants will not make you stronger or more flexible.  It won't lift the weight for you or help you get out of bed in the morning.  But is it nice to have a cute pair of pants that will take you from a kids play date to the office and then out for a quick hike in the afternoon and still look good?  We say "hell yeah!".

So here's to fashion and loving this life we live...

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Wild Movements