eco apparel inspired by real adventures


Every pair of our leggings has a story behind it; a story of getting lost in the woods, of venturing into the unknown, of wandering along the beach with sand in our toes, of waiting for the sun to rise and most of all of spending time with those we care about the most.  These are the stories of our adventures.

Staying True To Our Ideals

At 7 am we left our little mountain town to head across the Cascade mountains to Seattle, WA.  The sunrise turned the mountain peaks pink and we drove in awe giddy with anticipation to meet our manufacturers and see exactly how our leggings are made.  

We dreamt up Wild Movements on a hike last summer.  As we hiked we talked about how we would do things idealistically.  When we actually started making our dream come true, there were times as we crunched numbers that we could have easily strayed from our ideals to make more money and to make our leggings cost less, but we didn't. We stayed true to our intentions and always will.

Basically, we want to be as local as possible. As environmentally responsible as possible. And as quality as possible.  We also want to be multi sport, durable for the outdoors and sexy. Yup.

We walked into the manufacturer building on Queen Anne Street in Seattle and met two of the guys running the operation.  Smart, inspired creators, artists and leaders in a new idea of how manufacturing should be done.  There is a rhyme and reason to how they do everything down to the type of threads they use.  Every single detail is thought through carefully to make the final product the highest of quality with the lowest carbon footprint.  Their passion was as deep as ours and to say the least it confirmed that we were doing business the right way.  

They walked us up their stairs decorated with colorful heels each step of the way to see the printing and sewing stations.  We watched as they showed us first hand the process as it was being done.

I can't tell you how cool it was to be able to meet the people doing our printing and sewing.  To see it first hand and know it was only two hours away from where we are designing and creating makes it so authentic.  We can see with our own two eyes where every element of manufacturing is being done and that it's being done right.


The only thing that isn't done by us in Leavenworth, WA or our manufacturers in Seattle, WA is the construction of the fabric. That is done in Italy and was chosen for its extreme quality and having the highest level of sustainability.  The fabric is Bluesign Certified, which means that the fabric company chose to have their material and company go through analysis and investigation to receive this highest level of certification. We fully approve.

Made in USA-8.jpg

We left exhausted by excitement and headed back over the mountains and through the woods to our cozy snowy mountain home.  Nestled all snug in our beds, visions of the most badass leggings ever danced in our heads.

Wild Movements